Blogmas 2018 - Day 8: Christmas cards

I like sending Christmas cards. I know that a lot of people seem to have stopped sending them in favour of a charity donation or similar (which is obviously a super lovely thing to do), but I think cards are a nice way for me to get in touch with friends and family who don’t use the internet or social media, and to touch base with those people who maybe I haven’t contacted quite as many times as I probably should have throughout the year. Let’s face it, life gets busy and we’re probably all guilty of forgetting to reply to texts and emails, or not remembering to send a birthday card (I’m TERRIBLE for not getting birthday cards sent out on time, if at all!). 

Last year we made some simple Christmas cards using freebie stickers from the Tesco catalogue but this year school took the hassle out of homemade cards for us. My daughter came home with a template sheet, she drew her picture which was sent back to school, we were then sent an example card, and we ordered what we wanted with a percentage of the money going to the PTA. Simple.

School Christmas card
However, these cards aren’t particularly cheap to buy, and to be honest not a huge amount of money per pack goes to the school. So, we bought one pack from school, and used up the stash of cards which has built up at home over the years but not yet been used! I’ve now written my cards, and dug out the address book. They just need to go into the post now. With 43 children across the Reception classes, it’s taking my daughter a little longer to write hers out, especially as she insists on surrounding her name with kisses, but by writing a few a day she’s slowly but surely getting there. 

Christmas cards