Blogmas 2017 - Day 4: Sending some Christmas cheer

It probably hasn't escaped the notice of many parents that the Tesco Christmas toy guide contains stickers! The purpose of these stickers is to get the kids to look at nearly all the pages and sticker the toys they would like. My Tesco store never seemed to have any catalogues in stock, but that's ok as my mother-in-law grabbed me one, and my mum cleared out all West Yorkshire based stores of them so I could have the stickers!

As we had so many stickers I thought we'd put them to good use and make some gift tags and cards. Nowadays it seems that less and less people are sending Christmas cards out, but I like to. I certainly don't send Christmas cards to a huge amount of people but I do send them to my family and closest friends.

We stayed simple and just stuck stickers and glitter to blank greetings cards (Poundland), and some blank gift tags I punched out of bits of scrap card. Easy peasy, super cheap way of keeping the kids entertained, and out of mischief, for a while.