Blogmas 2018 - Day 9: DIY recycled gift tags

I have a confession to make. I used to be a real hoarder of greetings cards, but recently I’ve been through and got rid of 95% of them. I don’t know why I felt like I should keep hold of cards I received on Passing my Driving Test, and to wish me good luck in an exam I took 15 years ago, but I felt guilty getting rid of them. My keepsake box was overflowing, and I realised I hadn’t been back through and looked at any of them for about a decade. I went through, put a few special ones to one side to keep, but the rest went. However, I realised that some of the greetings cards could be given a second life, as gift tags.

recycled Christmas gift tags
I had a huge number of Christmas cards I’d been sent. Some were from super special people, and some had little notes or updates in them.Those I kept. Others didn’t hold any sentimental value or were even promotions from companies(!) so it felt silly to keep hold of them just for the sake of it. You could easily just use scissors and a hole punch to make your tags, but I bought a fancy pants punch (mine is this brand but a slightly different shape) so that the children could get involved and help out. 

My daughter got quite into it and we got a bit carried away with a few of them, adding extra embellishments, or layering up with some glittery card, sequins and Washi tape (less ecofriendly than the initial card recycling, I know!). It was just a nice, simple activity we could do together, whilst cosied up after school one evening, which needed minimal equipment, and the finished product could be used rather than sitting around the house gathering dust. 

Homemade gift tags

DIY recycled gift tags