Blogmas 2018 - Day 10: Christmas Bazaar

Every year a local woman organises a Christmas Bazaar to raise money for some of the local groups, such as the Scouts, the Community Garden and the Chapel. We weren’t able to go last year but managed to pop along this time. I have to say, I wasn’t expecting much, but was really impressed with the selection of stalls and the number of people who attended. We had to shuffle round as it was so busy, and one woman who was selling cakes ran out over an hour before the bazaar was due to finish!

The children each had a little bit of pocket money from their granny to spend. My daughter chose a little bracelet and some hair slides (grandma bumped up her pocket money!). 

Bows and bracelet

My son chose a knitted Christmas tree which he has in his bedroom (I say he chose, we got the the stall and I asked if he wanted a tree for his room and he replied “NO!” Fortunately, the stallholder took it well!). 
Knitted christmas tree
And I treated them both to a cake for after lunch.

Mermaid cupcake

Snowman cupcake
I think it’s fair to say that they enjoyed the cakes! I didn’t get a taste anyway.

It really was a lovely way to spend half an hour on a Saturday morning, all while supporting local causes, and independent small businesses. 

Christmas Bazaar Blogmas day 10