Being a Mum

Being a mum means a lot of things to a lot of different people, and you don’t need to have grown a baby and given birth to them to identify with being a mum. Maybe you are a step-mum, an adoptive mother, a foster mum, have suffered one or a series of miscarriages, have lost a child, have a menagerie of animals, or care for someone full (or part) time. All carers, all mums. All families are different, and so those who take on a mothering role are all different too.

I asked around to see what “being a mum” meant to other people and here’s what I found:

“Being a mum means...

...not being able to go to the toilet alone and having awkward questions asked daily!”

...having little dictators rule every aspect of your life but you wouldn’t change a thing.”

... I finally have something to be immensely proud of - I made them!” -

...that I now have to seat imaginary children at the dining table.” -

...I am woken every morning at 6.30am by my 18 month old shouting “poopie” from his cot, repeatedly until he hears us laugh, and go get him for cuddles in bed with us!” -

...finally understanding everything my mum did for me and my sister, and just how hard it is.” -

...drinking more prosecco.” -

...going on the school run without noticing mashed banana on your leggings.” -

...really knowing what being tired is!” -

...I only think I'm the boss, when in actual fact, the Toddler is.” -

...the world to my little one - it’s a full time occupation but so worth it.” -

...hearing everything on repeat, eating cold food, boat loads of stained laundry, never going to the bathroom alone, late night cuddles and lots of slobbery kisses but when you hear the words "I love you mommy!" you know it is all worth it." -

...counting the hours till bedtime all day long but wishing for one more minute as you kiss them good night.” -


What does being a mum mean to you? Let me know in the comments.