Crimbo limbo

Over the past few years I’ve tended to find Crimbo Limbo, that “nothing” period between Christmas and New Year, pretty dull. After the build up to and excitement of Christmas it’s now over, and everything is at a massive standstill until after New Year’s Day.  This year however, I’ve felt differently. I’ve really relished our hermit time at home. We played with toys, we’ve watched films, we’ve played games, we’ve laughed and had plenty of cuddles.

Today I begrudgingly got dressed and we actually went out. It was the first time I’d left the house since last Wednesday and although Charlotte and I were pretty reluctant to get off our backsides, I knew we’d feel refreshed after some fresh air.

We headed to Pinsley Wood to do a short circular walk, which started and finished at a pub - hurrah! The woods were beautiful and, although we encountered a few dog walkers, very quiet. There was lots of mud, plenty of frozen puddles to jump in and ice to crunch, frozen footprints to follow, and towards the end a few tears from a tired, snotty nosed, slightly under the weather toddler.

Our walk ended at the Hand and Shears pub which was really lovely. The man who served us (I assume the landlord) was excellent with the kids and gave each of them a little chocolate once they’d finished their pop and crisps (parents of the year!). He had probably spotted the children suspiciously prodding the bag of Kettle Chips Stu had picked out, that actually turned out to be vegetable crisps.

I think the woods are meant to look particularly nice in April when the bluebells are out so I’m fairly certain we’ll be visiting in the spring. Maybe we’ll even factor in a pub lunch that time too!