Sunday morning canal stroll

The forecast for yesterday afternoon was pretty poor so we decided to head out early doors for a walk along the canal near our house. We've been meaning to do this for a few weeks but either the weather has been awful or other things have just cropped up.

I'm glad we did as the walk was lovely. Plenty of canal boats, ducks and swans to watch on the water. Beautiful views of the fields. Lots of butterfly spotting (we forgot Charlotte's spotters guide so had to look everything up when we got home), some bumblebees and a dragonfly!

There were some muddier patches but we were mostly fine with the pushchair. Charlotte hopped on and off the buggy board throughout the walk but had a good squelch along the paths.

We ended our walk at a lovely little bistro called Kizzies.  Stu and I had a cheeky beer from Hook Norton Brewery which went down very nicely.

Think Charlotte enjoyed her cakes too! She couldn't decide what to have so we bought two to share...but she ate the majority of both of them!

Benjamin got a bit of a look in with the biscuit but he was more than happy to just sit and practise his new favourite sign and word, "duck". Oh, and charm the couple sat at the table next to us, as always! 

And what a view from the bistro garden - not sure I've ever seen a black swan before.

I've told my mum and dad we'll have to go back down for a repeat walk next time they visit, and I'm looking forward to it already.