Organising some Easter fun

NB On some of my older blog posts many of the photos have disappeared! Apologies for the lack of (terribly taken) images.

As a child my family didn't really have any Easter traditions apart from "eat chocolate for breakfast". I have to say, I wasn't even sure how or why the Easter bunny factored into festivities. From a quick Google it looks like it's a lot to do with ancient folk thinking hares were hermaphrodites and so having virgin births,  rabbits being "prolific breeders" and symbols of fertility, and all kinds of other things I won't be explaining to my under 3s. So, with that in mind I decided to organise some wholesome family fun!

The kids had been kindly given Easter chocolate from a few lovely people, so instead of buying loads more I decided to put together a little Easter egg hunt using plastic eggs that I could fill with clues to find a prize at the end. I have never taken part in an egg hunt before, never mind organised one, so I've decided to keep it simple. I bought some hollow plastic eggs from both Pound World and Amazon, you can buy them all over the place though - I've spotted them in various pound shops and Hobbycraft. I'm planning to put an Easter bag, bunny ears (again, all Pound World) and the first clue in my daughter's room overnight for her to find in the morning. My egg hunt clues are very straightforward, for example "I'm where you keep your bedtime stories", "Find me by the cornflakes" etc and I think I'll pop the occasional Mini Egg in some of the plastic eggs. At the end of the trail I've put a little bit of chocolate inside a Golden Egg, which I found in Sainsbury's.

After our egg hunt on the morning of Easter Sunday we will be going to spend some time with my husband's family. I suggested to the toddler that we  make some little Easter nest buns to take with us. You know the ones, Shredded Wheat, chocolate, Mini Eggs...done. She did not know which ones I meant so we looked up photos online. I should have narrowed down search results as she declared "noooo, I'm not making those, I want to make that big cake". I frankly couldn't be bothered, so decided to cheat and get good old Betty Crocker to help us out. We're going to make a box cake, add pre-made frosting and decorate. I'm actually out on Saturday in the day ("out" out and everything) so we'll make on Friday and hopefully it'll last ok to Sunday.

Another cheat activity (I'm all for an easy life) is the ceramic egg bunting kit we have from Hobbycraft. It looks really straightforward and the toddler is loving painting at the moment. It was only £3, which I'm pretty happy with, so thought it was at least worth a try.

Fingers crossed this will all work out ok. I'll pop photos on Instagram as we go and will try get a post with our results up next week.