Blogmas 2018 - Day 21: Finally, the end of term

And finally we have reached the end of my daughter’s first term at school. I had joked to a few friends that it’s felt like she has needed a PA the last few weeks with all the Christmas performances, parties, and non-uniform days, and then I saw this by Hurrah for Gin, so I’m clearly not alone.

My daughter is thriving at school. She seems to have made lots of friends, she likes her teachers, she’s had achievement certificates, her writing is really coming along, and she amazes me every time she brings a new reading book home, but she is very ready for the school holidays. We’ve had a couple of tired grumpy strops this week (admittedly, both me and her), and a couple of tired teary moments (“muuuuuuuummy, *sniff sniff* I can’t do my buttons on my school shirt!” Not surprising when she had it on inside out - I was impressed she’d managed to get 2 buttons done up!) So, to celebrate the end of term this weekend we have planned...absolutely nothing. We’re going to sit in our pyjamas, eat snacks and goodies, read some books, do some crafty bits, and watch Christmas films. And I for one can’t wait. 

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