Blogmas 2017 - Day 24: It's nearly here!

Dare I say it? I think I prefer the run up to Christmas Day more than the actual day itself. I absolutely love Christmas Eve. I think it's just because by the end of the day I know that all the pre-Christmas jobs have been done, the children are all excited, Stu will have finished work for around a week and we can all just relax.

We don't have a particular Christmas Eve routine, but we do have a few little traditions. In the morning Jack and Holly deliver the Christmas stockings to be put out that night, along with some Christmas pyjamas as a parting gift - they head back to the North Pole with Father Christmas on Christmas Eve night.

During the day it depends where we are, but if we are at home we'll stay in pyjamas for most of the day, watch Christmas films, snuggle on the sofa eating snacks, prepare as much as the food for the following day as possible, and have a nice meal together in the evening. Before the kids bedtime we do the whole, put out a snack for Father Christmas and the reindeer bit, and hang stockings on the end of their beds. Stu then reads the kids ‘Twas the Night Before Christmas, and they both snuggle into bed without any arguing, calmly and quietly close their eyes, and drift off to sleep in minutes (ha, even better than a Christmas cracker joke!).

Christmas Eve 2016

Once the children are asleep Stu and I run around like maniacs putting presents under the tree, sneaking stockings out of rooms to be filled and put back, constructing any toys that might need to be constructed, madly trying to work out where the hell we put all the batteries we bought, and fighting over whose turn it is to chomp the carrot! Once all that is done we sit down with a drink and Stu usually makes me watch the "Bottom" Christmas Special. Not my fave but, you know, marriage is all about compromise!

I guess that feels pretty low key for one of my favourite days of the year, but that's how I like it. Do you have any exciting Christmas Eve traditions? And what do you think is best, Christmas Day itself or the run up?