Home sweet home

The last week or so we've been pretty antisocial. We seem to have had a lot of home days and the more home days we have, the less I can be bothered to go out. We're taking our time getting into the new preschool routine, the weather is definitely very autumnal and, to be quite honest, we haven't yet made that many new friends around here. However, we have been keeping ourselves busy and having lots of fun with silly things. And this has resulted in my new favourite photo of the gremlins.

Whilst searching for stuff to do in Oxfordshire I stumbled across the website of Nick Cope. Nick writes and performs kids songs, although not like any kids songs I've heard before. We've been watching his videos on YouTube and, obviously, The Baby's Done a Poo, is a firm favourite!

The kids are suddenly really into Sarah and Duck. "Quack" is Benjamin's all time favourite animal sound, which makes the theme tune lots of fun. I am also a, not-so-secret, lover of Sarah and Duck. It's so obscure, there some odd but hilarious characters, and I really like the narrator. I have had a bit of a look for Sarah and Duck toys for potential Christmas presents (it's September, I know!) but the internet seems to think they don't exist. Craziness. If you can prove me wrong (please?!) do let me know.

As always, the sticker obsession continues. We seem to have spent a lot of time (and money) in Hobbycraft recently. They do these cool little sticker scene packs which Charlotte loves, and Benjamin likes the puffy stickers as they are easy to pick off the paper.

Despite having a nice, fairly lazy, home-bound period, normal service will resume tomorrow - we are really starting to get cabin fever.  The nappy bag is packed, the picnic lunch is in the fridge and we are going out for the day! I'll be sure to report back.