What's in my bag? - the morning after the night before

You're not a proper blogger or vlogger if you don't show everyone the contents of your bag, right? I always think that these posts are a bit weird, and not really made for me. Ok, I'm pretty nosey but I guess these things are often fairly staged. I'm not particularly tidy and people surely wouldn't want to see photos of a load of nappies, a mound of squashed snacks with varying best before dates, items of spare clothing of various sizes (inevitabley not the size of the item you're after at the time) and a bulging purse mostly full of change and coffee shop reward cards?

Anyway, for one of the first times since Charlotte was born, this weekend I went out. As in "out out". My cousin got married in Vegas a few weeks ago and on Saturday she had her UK wedding reception. Stu stayed at home with the kids and I went along with my brother and parents. I might have had a wine or two, and one of my cousins treated me to my first ever jaegerbomb - well, at least that's another thing ticked off the "before I'm 30" list! The morning after I opened my quite small handbag and thought to myself "ahhhh, this is what those bag posts are really made for".

I did have my phone, keys and a bit of cash crammed in there too, and initially all I had added was one bag of sweets. My auntie, the mother of the bride, came over to ask if I'd picked up sweets for the kids. I showed her that I had, "oh, come here"! I might have mentioned that I love Black Jack sweets so she added these...

...a load of dice, some playing card confetti and dollar napkins!

I was carrying my dad's car keys and did have to ask him to locate them beneath the "stuff" before we went into the dark carpark. I'm just pleased that the cardboard cutout of Elvis was so big. I'm not convinced he wouldn't have come home with me too otherwise!

Viva Las Vegas!

Bag: M & S
Lipstick: Topshop - Don't Cry for Me