Using technology to get kids moving

Sometimes it can be hard to encourage kids to get moving. Clubs and classes can be expensive, and they don’t always run during the school holidays. Here’s a few ideas on how to get your children moving...with a little encouragement from some technology!

Andy’s Wild Workouts
Some of the online fitness activities tend to be aimed at older children but these workouts with Andy would be suitable for preschool children. You can find them here

Cosmic Kids Yoga
We have used this YouTube channel at home for the last couple of years and the children love it. It’s great at getting them to slow down if they are getting a bit silly, and the videos really hold their attention. The general channel can be found here and there’s even a playlist for toddlers here

This is a good app if you’re wanting to get moving outdoors. I’ve talked about geocaching quite a lot on my blog (you can find the basics post here  but it’s basically a big treasure hunt you can get involved in anywhere in the world. We genuinely love it, and use the app so much. Download it here.


Go Noodle
This is something school introduced to us. You can find their information on YouTube or download the app via the App Store. I do find the songs can sometimes be a bit annoying (I constantly have “Oh, a milkshake  oh a milkshake. A sticky sticky waffle, a sticky sticky waffle.”  stuck in my head) but the children really get into it and move...a lot.

Joe Wicks
This is a relatively new one to us. I’ve used Joe’s YouTube videos myself, but hadn’t realised he had videos for children until my friend told me. Find his 5 minute workouts here and his 8 minute workouts here.

Kidz Bop
Again, a bit of an annoying one for the adults, but if you have a little dancer they might like this one. You can find the videos here.