Zog Trail at Salcey Forest │Review

Salcey Forest, managed by the Forestry Commission, is an area of woodland in Northamptonshire. It is also one of the locations of the new Zog TrailWe visited the Gruffalo Trail a couple of years ago at Wendover Woods and really enjoyed it, so when the Zog Trail opened a few weeks ago it seemed like an ideal activity to stash away for February Half Term. My little boy received the book of Zog for Christmas, and we watched the animation when it was on television, so he was particularly excited to enjoy the story another way

Salcey Forest was really straightforward to find using postcode NN7 2HX, and car parking was easy, costing £4 to park all day. The parking machine takes coins, or if you’re unorganised like me, you can pay by card using your phone. 

We headed straight to the Information Centre to buy a trail pack. They cost £3 each (card payment only) and include a small red lens which reveals hidden pictures, a booklet with some activities in it, a pencil, some golden star stickers and a Zog mask. I just bought one pack for the children to share, but you don’t have to buy one at all. You could still follow trail and just read the signposts you find along the way. 

Zog Trail Salcey Forest
I would say that you’d manage the 1 mile long trail fine with a pushchair or wheelchair too, although when we visited it was very muddy in parts. I was extremely glad I’d put both children in their all-in-one waterproofs and wellies. I was doubly glad that I kept the school bear, who was staying with us for the week, safely in my backpack as my daughter fell flat on her face at one point and was coated head to toe in mud - the baby wipes came in very handy!

School bear
I really liked Salcey Forest. The walk was nice, and we ended up doing it twice! We went slightly wrong on our first attempt (I’ve no idea how as it’s so straightforward) so we went back around a second time to find the clues we missed. I also like the fact there were a couple of areas the children could stop and play along the way. Not playgrounds as such, but there was a nice flat area with plenty of logs to clamber on, and a bit further around the trail there was an area with lots of different wooden play houses in it. I thought these were really nice to break the walk up a little. If you have been to Salcey Forest before, you may have used their Tree Top Walkway. This is closed at the moment but it looks like it is being refurbished.

Zog Trail Salcey Forest
We took a picnic lunch with us, but did pop into the cafe to grab a coffee and a couple of cakes to share. The cafe was very nice, and looked like it sold a reasonable selection of sandwiches, cakes, drinks and ice creams. However, we did have to queue a long time for a very small order. We were in there at lunchtime during the school holidays though, so peak rush hour for them I imagine. 

We just had a lovely day at the forest. I think we probably spent around 4 and a half hours there in total, which I think is great value for money. I spotted that there is also a geocaching trail around Salcey, so I think we’ll go back one weekend with my husband and try our hand at that. 

Zog Trail Salcey Forest

Zog Trail at Salcey Forest