Looking back on 2018

I’m not very good at going back and reviewing things, as you could probably tell if you went back and looked through my iPhone camera roll. All my photos stay on my phone and I’m no good at editing out the rubbish, and printing out the highlights. Last year my 2 main resolutions were 1) To get some photo books printed and 2) To read more. I was rubbish at both. Both resolutions have been bumped across to 2019...and I’m determined to get at least the first done. However, one thing I did keep up with was my 1 Second Everyday video. If you follow me on Instagram you’ve probably seen me upload these videos on a monthly basis, but if not I have compiled them all together into a mega video for the whole of 2018! I’ve still not decided if I’m going to carry on with this through 2019 but for now, enjoy 2018.


  1. What a lovely little video of your year - lots of happy memories for you there!!
    A Very, very Happy New Year to you all!!
    Hope to see you very soon!! Xxx


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