Blogmas 2018 - Day 5: Writing to Father Christmas

We haven’t really started any kind of tradition or routine around writing to Father Christmas, so when I spotted a local Christmas Letter and Picture competition for children aged 3-11 years old, I thought my 4 year old daughter might as well use this year’s letter to enter. She is always drawing and writing little notes anyway, so this activity wasn’t really anything out of the ordinary for her, but she definitely enjoyed doing it.

She spent a good chunk of Sunday morning choosing which pens she was going to use (mostly her glitter markers from Smiggle...obviously!) and working on her little picture. She was very pleased with her finished masterpiece(!).

Picture for Father Christmas
Letter to Father Christmas
The nice thing about doing our letter this year is that the company who are hosting the competition have a lovely little Christmas post box in their office. On the walk home from school she was able to pop in and post her entry in the special Christmas box. I didn’t explain to her that it was a competition, just that this was how we were sending our letter off this year. I think she was a little confused when she was wished “good luck” by a member of staff when posting her letter, but she didn’t question it so I didn’t say anything!

My 2 year old son hasn’t written a letter, but he was too young for the competition and he’s a bit too young to want to ask for anything yet anyway. I think we’ll leave his letter writing/picture drawing unti next year...unless his sister queries why he hasn’t written.

What do you do when it comes to writing to Father Christmas? When do your children write, and how do you post it? Do they expect a response or understand that Father Christmas is pretty busy at this time of year so can’t always reply to everyone?

Writing to Father Christmas