Blogmas 2018 - Day 19: The “perfect” Christmas challenge

I’ve said before that I really dislike the pressure there seems to be around having the perfect Christmas. What Christmas should be about is spending the day exactly how you want to, and I love hearing about the different traditions other families have.

Today’s Blogmas post is a bit of a cop out, but I spotted The “Perfect” Christmas Challenge which Melon and Ink has been hosting over on Instagram. I hadn’t been nominated to join in but thought I’d pinch her templates (from the highlights on her Instagram stories) and pop them into a blog post, as I know a lot of you don’t use Instagram. I will put these onto my Instagram stories tomorrow though. 

I hope you enjoy a nosey into my “perfect” Christmas, and make sure you check Melon and Ink out on Instagram.

Sorry, I don’t really like Christmas Pudding OR Mince Pies OR The Holiday OR Love Actually! 

Christmas morning starts early with 2 young children! We do stockings first, some presents, breakfast, finish presents, and still have plenty of the morning left.

So, how about you? What does your perfect Christmas look like?