Blogmas 2018 - Day 14: 10 of our favourite Christmas picture books │#Jobookchat

With The Waton House book obsession, and love of Christmas, it’ll probably come as no surprise that the top shelf of the kids bookcase is dedicated to Christmas books. We have loads of them, and I’m already concerned we won’t get through them all before the 25th, but we’ll certainly give it our best shot! And if we don’t, I’ll be happy if we just manage my favourite 10.

1) How many sleeps till Christmas? by Mark Sperring
In this story Little Pip is extremely excited about Christmas coming, but Daddy Grizzle has to remind him there’s still 4 more sleeps. By the time we reach Christmas Day who’s more excited, Little Pip or Daddy Grizzle?

2) Just Right for Christmas by Birdie Black & Rosalind Beardshaw
I just think this story is very sweet. 

3) Dear Santa by Rod Campbell
This is a nice festive alternative for all those Dear Zoo fans.

4) Shhh! by Julie Sykes and Tim Warner
This book belonged to my brother when he was little, so I think the only option is to buy a used copy, but it’s quite a nice one about having to remind a noisy Santa to be quiet so he doesn’t wake all the sleeping children.

5) Usborne Nativity - flap book
Although we aren’t a particularly religious family, I do think it’s important to teach the children about the stories and background surrounding different religious festivals. This is a nice, uncomplicated, version of the Nativity, with plenty of flaps, and colourful pictures for younger readers.  

6) The Night Before Christmas by Clement C Moore
Ok, this is a special one. We only read this book once a year. And when I say “we” read it, what I mean is, my husband reads it. It is his little Christmas tradition to read The Night Before Christmas to the children at bedtime on Christmas Eve. He hides it for the rest of the year, as he doesn’t want them to read it without him! 

7) The Night Before The Night Before Christmas by Kes Gray and Claire Powell

Christmas picture books
8) Nuddy Ned’s Christmas by Kes Gray
My 2 really like the original Nuddy Ned book, so they think this one is great and very funny.

9) The Great Christmas Pudding Race by Clare Freedman and Samara Hardy
Oh! We really like this one but I cant find a link to it. Sorry!

10) Sproutzilla vs Christmas by Tom Jamieson and Mike Byrne

10 favourite Christmas books