30 Days Wild│Part 1

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30 Days Wild is an initiative run by The Wildlife Trusts. The aim is to get people outdoors and exploring nature, encouraging them to do something wild every day throughout the month of June.

We signed up at the last minute (you can still do so here) so didn’t receive our pack through the post in time for 1st June. However, we just created our own slightly wonky chart to record our progress instead. I’m going to blog our progress too, grouping 6 days at a time over 5 posts.  

You don’t have to do anything major - just get outside and see what you can see. I have got a few activities planned but we are mostly doing as many free, easy things, as we can. 

Right, let’s get started!

Day 1
My husband was unimpressed that some kind of fungus had sprouted up all over the lawn. My daughter just used the opportunity to kickstart 30 Days Wild and gave them a good look at using her binoculars. I’ve no idea what they are and, to be perfectly honest, I have no desire to find out. We’ve stuck to the generic and probably inaccurate “mushroom”. 

Looking at fungus with binoculars

Day 2
We weren’t at home on Day 2, but we were at a Kate and Tom’s property in Gloucestershire, which had a huge garden. We spotted more than one dragonfly whilst playing in the garden. They were far too quick for me to catch on camera though.

Day 3
At home my daughter has been allocated a patch of garden. She has a few things starting to grow there but she sowed some more perennial seeds we'd bought, and potted a new clematis to climb our fence.

Day 4
It was a damp day, so we slug spotted on the walk to and from preschool. During our 10 minute walk we found about 10 slugs and a few snails, which we moved away from the path into the grassy verges to avoid them getting squished.

Day 5
Today our pack from The Wildlife Trusts arrived. My daughter added her biodegradable, seed-filled paper, to her little patch of garden straight away, and transferred her activities over from our home-made chart to the one they provided. We also cut and pressed a few pansies so we can do something with them in a few weeks time.  

Day 6
The kids have been desperate to paint rocks for weeks.* We have found a few, and re-hidden them, but not painted any ourselves. We collected some pebbles last week, and I grabbed some cheap acrylic paints from The Works.  We decided to make our rocks nature themed, and have them as part of our #30DaysWild challenge.

*If you’re unfamiliar with this basically people decorate rocks, mark where they are from, and hide them for others to find. The idea is that whoever finds the rock highlights that it’s been found on the appropriate Facebook page (e.g. Calderdale Rocks, Bicester Rocks, Gosport Rocks...) and they either leave where they found for someone else to stumble across, take it home, or hide in a different place. 

Are you taking part in #30DaysWild this year, or have you in the past? What have you been up to over the last 6 days?