30 Days Wild│Part 3

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After a pretty good start to #30DaysWild it’s felt like we’ve slacked a bit for this chunk of 6 days. With one thing or another 30 Days Wild ended up at the bottom of the daily “to do” list. Although I might not have organised any super exciting activities we still managed to squeeze something into each day, even if it did occur by accident rather than careful planning.

In this post you’ll find days 13 - 18 of our #30DaysWild activities. Click here for an intro to #30DaysWild and days 1 - 6. Click here for days 7 - 12.

Day 13
Not a great start to part 3 of #30DaysWild. My daughter was at preschool, my son and I spent the day running around doing lots of jobs and life admin, and by the time preschool was done we only had a few hours to cram in tea preparation and eating, bath, stories and bedtime. I was devoid of inspiration for a nature related activity so I grabbed for my old faithful - books. We chose three #30DaysWild inspired stories before bed.

(NB. The links I have included for these books are affiliate links*. I have also mentioned where our copies came from in the text.)

My daughter was bought The Little House By the Sea* as a present. It is such a lovely story, with gorgeous illustrations, all about how we can co-exist with nature. There’s plenty to look at and discuss on each page, with lots of learning points.

Dear Greenpeace* we picked up second-hand from a sale at a National Trust property. I think this is a really sweet, funny, story. My daughter thinks it’s less funny, as she is completely on board with the little girl’s letter writing to Greenpeace.

Little Bunny’s Melon Patch* came from my parent’s house, I think it originally belonged to my brother. A nice story which simply explains how things grow, with plenty of flaps to lift.  

Day 14
Weather-wise the day started badly. A bit chilly, a bit drizzly, and just a little bit blah. By the time the weather picked up, my son had done the opposite. He was snotty, hot, and very under the weather. He required lots of cuddles, so I used this as an opportunity for some guilt-free phone time. For a long time I’ve been meaning to look into how we can reduce waste in our house. To be honest, in the past I’ve found the whole idea quite overwhelming, but after spending an hour or so doing some reading I’ve decided to go with the cliche “every little helps”. Surely making a few positive changes is better than making no changes at all? I’ll let you know how I get on! 

Day 15
I thought today would be a complete write-off. We were spending the weekend with my family in a cottage near Leek to celebrate my dad’s 60th, and when we set off driving up there around 6.15pm we’d still not done anything. However, just 15minutes away from the cottage we spotted a beautiful deer, and the cottage itself backed onto a field of sheep. 

Day 16
This Saturday we went on a very hilly walk to Wincle Brewery  On the way we decided to try some geocaching (after 4 previous failed attempts). This attempt was far more successful and we found two out of the two we were looking for. 

My dad is the best person to go on a walk with if you want a tree or plant identified. My daughter is now the proud owner of her new word “rhododendron”.

Day 17
My daughter spent a lot of time running around in the garden at the cottage we were staying at. She spotted thistles, foxgloves, daddy long legs, spiders, a couple of huge snails, and lots of other creepy crawlies. 

Day 18
After being away for just two nights, it was surprising how much fettling the garden needed. We gave everything (especially the pumpkins) a good watering, did a bit of dead-heading, and bought some bird seed for the feeder we made. On the nursery walk we also spotted a dead bird. This lead to many many many conversations about who eats who, why cats might “dieded” birds, and just death in general. Sorry for the slightly depressing end to this chunk of days! Hopefully the next 6 days will be a little more cheery!
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