World Book Day │#Jobookchat

As a family of book lovers, World Book Day is something I am fully behind. Yes, I’m am totally uncreative, and sorting a costume for any occasion is quite frankly a pain in the arse, but anything that encourages a love of books is ok in...well, my book!

We have a lot of children’s books in our house. Yes, they are thrown on a book case any which way. No, we don’t arrange them alphabetically, or by author, or size, or colour. But the one thing they are is read. We may have a huge number of books but I wouldn’t be lying if I said they had all been read multiple times. A lot of them belonged to myself and my brothers when we were younger too, and I love reading stories I remember from my childhood to my 2 sproglets. 

For me, it’s really not important what we read, as long as we enjoy books together. I think reading is such a good way of spending time together, having periods of much needed “down time” during the day and before bed, encouraging the children to use their imaginations, developing creativity and comprehension skills, giving an appreciation of language, and improves literacy skills. And best of all, it’s fun. We talk about the pictures, do funny voices, ask and answer questions - which often leads us to consulting another book to look something up. 

I am in no way a qualified teacher or educator, but what I’m definitely qualified to say is, our family gets so much from reading together. So, with this in mind I’m going to start writing a series of book related posts, which I’ll be uploading on the 2nd Friday of the month. I will share our current favourite reads, any seasonal gems we’ve discovered, any books we’ve read in relation to days out or activities we’ve completed. If there’s anything else you’d like to hear about make sure you give me a shout!