Long time no see

Photo taken by Charlotte, aged 3

I’m back! What do you mean you hadn’t noticed I’d been away? You may not have missed me, but I have definitely missed blogging.

After 3 weeks in New Zealand’s north island, we landed at Heathrow Airport around 7am last Sunday morning, and walked through our front door after 37 hours of travelling. This week has been spent doing a lot of washing, trying to get back into a new sleep pattern, and just generally readjusting back to everyday life. Stu has been back at work, Charlotte back at preschool. Benjamin has chickenpox so he and I have been mostly slobbing around the house waiting for his spots to scab over. 

I’ve also been having a think about where I am going with the blog next. Like I said, I’ve really missed it whilst I’ve been away, and I have a LOT to say about our trip, but I also don’t want to be a travel or New Zealand bore. I will write some bits and pieces about what we got up to, and how we found long haul travel with the kids, but don’t want it to be too much of the same thing...so I’ll have a think about how I’m going to do it, before I start harassing you all with it!

Anyway, I just wanted to drop by and say “hello”. I will leave you all to enjoy your lovely long Easter weekends (if you’re working, I'm sorry - hope it’s not too painful). We're planning on eating chocolate in our pyjamas, a visit to meet Thomas the Tank Engine, and I'm going to attempt to get my hair cut - only 9 months overdue!