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I know it's been a bit quiet on the blog front recently but we head to New Zealand very soon and I seem to have become very tunnel visioned. All I can think about is making sure we are sorted and organised for our trip, and everything else has kind of fallen by the wayside. With the awful weather forecast and an outbreak of chicken pox locally, I've also been, irrationally, worrying about things I have absolutely no control over. That's definitely not like me as I'm usually a "what will be, will be" kind of person, so I have been focusing on things I can organise to take my mind off it! Having said all that, I have got a few blog posts scheduled for whilst I'm away and I have still made time for this month's #littleloves.

After such a good start to 2018, I’ve slowed down considerably. And when I say slowed down, I mean I've not picked up a book! I have, however, read an awful lot of internet pages and travel guides!

I knew straight away that Dark would be my kind of programme, but not long into the first episode I wasn’t sure I could bear to watch ten 45-55minute episodes. This German language series is dubbed and I find the really disjointed lips out of sync with speech really jarring to watch. However, after a quick Google, and a faff with the Netflix settings, I managed to get it back into the original German and add English subtitles. I found this much easier to watch, and the programme is great. I didn’t fly through the series as quickly as some other things I watch, but I did enjoy it.

I also discovered, and ploughed through, Bates Motel which I’ve really loved. All very far fetched, but I think it’s a great concept and I find watching both Norma and Norman oddly reassuring. Maybe I’m not doing too badly at life after all!

Surprisingly, I managed to squeeze in a cinema trip this month too! I finally got around to seeing The Greatest Showman, and really loved it. I won't go into details as I'm so far behind and the whole world has seen the film already!

If I didn’t have enough things I wanted to read and watch, I’ve jumped onto the podcast bandwagon. The kids have been loving the Nosy Crow podcast. I read about it on someone else’s #littleloves a few weeks ago but I’m afraid I can’t remember who! 

I have really been loving the hilarious, very much NOT child friendly “My dad wrote a porno”. I haven’t laughed as much in a long time. Probably don’t listen on the bus or train to work as you’ll probably get some funny looks from other commuters as you chortle away with tears streaming down your face...maybe that’s just me!

I've not made anything this month, apart from a lot of progress packing cases for 4 people to be away for a few weeks!

This month I've been wearing my hair up a lot! It's way too long and needs a good cut. I had booked an appointment for me and the kids with a mobile hairdresser, but it ended up getting cancelled. I managed to take the kids into town and get them sorted before our trip, but not myself. Hair is stuck up in a bun for the foreseeable!

and lastly
I am really desperate for spring to get here. I'm hoping that by the time I'm back from my travels spring really will have sprung, but for now I'm using flowers to get me through the freezing temperatures, and threats of snow.

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  1. Dark is such an intensely fantastic series. Like you we switched very quickly to German with English subtitles - so much better!
    I really hope the snow doesn't disrupt your travel plans! xx

  2. With you on wishing for Spring! Looks like you're super organised with your packing, bet you're counting down the days. Enjoy your weekend xx

  3. Ooh, I didn't know Nosy Crow have a podcast. I love their books <3


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