Our day at Safari MK

The other day we decided to try out a new soft play venue. During the school holidays. I know I know. Parents up and down the country will be wondering why I did this to myself, but we were pretty desperate. With awful weather, and another week of the preschool holidays to go the kids desperately needed to burn off some energy and I needed to get out of the house. We had attempted our smaller, garden centre soft play earlier in the week but we were turned away along with a number of other desperate looking parent, as they were already at capacity for that session. Luckily, mine took the news rather well and we trudged off to see the fish at the aquatic centre, and they were promised a sheet of Hobbycraft stickers each if they were superstars. I felt desperately sorry for the woman whose little boy broke down into tears and she was left trying to console him.

Anyway, after our failed soft play attempt I decided we needed to venture somewhere bigger. We seem to live in a bit of a soft play centre black hole and have to travel a minimum of 25 minutes to get to one. I thought we’d head Milton Keynes way and it was suggested we try one of Safari MK or 360 Play  We plumped for the former.   

I was impressed with Safari MK from the start. We got to the reception desk and they took down all my details, took the kids names and dates of birth and took our photos. After our session I had to wait to be let out - I was asked for my name and they double checked I was taking the right kids home! I’ve never been to a soft play so security conscious before but I quite liked it. It felt like the staff were on top of what was going on, and it felt safe. 

The set up was huge, and all very clean. There was a choice of several slides, a football area, and a few separate “role play” areas with props, as well as the usual clambering stuff and ball pits.

There was also Cool Zone which was basically a place where you hit a button and get blasted from above with cool air. Great idea judging by all the sweaty kids you usually see rampaging around these places. 

We did use the cafe to buy a coffee and a kids lunchbox meal. Food selection was good and not too pricey from what I could see. I think we’d go back, despite the longish drive, as the kids really enjoyed it. As for me? I still think all soft play is Hell on Earth...but a necessary evil.