Blogmas 2017 - Day 5: Christmas actual shops!

As I said a couple of days ago, I'm pretty behind on Christmas shopping apart from for the kids. I hate to say it, but I rely heavily on Amazon for gifts as it's just so much easier than dragging two toddlers around the shops. Having said that, I've been desperate to check out the new Westgate Shopping Centre in Oxford, so at the end of last week we made an impromptu visit.

Previously we've travelled to Oxford using the park and ride but this time we decided to try the train. For us, train travel is a bit restrictive as we only have a limited number of trains per day from our little station. On the plus side, the journey is less than 15 minutes long and the kids think it's a great adventure as we do it so rarely.

Milky Button bribery

The kids obviously weren't too fussed by the shops (Benjamin fell asleep) but I loved Westgate. I'm definitely going to go back without the children in tow but we managed to browse the shops at the top of my hit list, I bought a few pressies, and Charlotte quite enjoyed looking the displays (particularly Cath Kidston's current Disney collection) and asking me to try on the most hideous items of clothing she could find (mostly very bright, fluffy, glittery jumpers)!

Unfortunately, we were in Oxford before the Christmas Market started, but the lights around the shopping areas were beautiful, and the freezing temperatures definitely kept us in the festive mood.

I told Charlotte she could have a small treat at the shops, and she chose a Lush bathbomb, as every three year old would...not! I gave in, despite it literally being me tipping £4.25 down the drain, and she did love it. She chose this very glittery number and was delighted that when she got out of the bath she was "all sparkly like the Fairy Godmother". Wonder what the me 4 years ago would say if she found out I'd spent £4.25 on a bath bomb for a toddler, when I'd not even had a bath in the home I'd lived in for 6 months myself!