Blogmas 2017 - Day 3: Christmas gift ideas

I am usually pretty good at choosing gifts but haven't actually been that organised this year. I've been consumed with sorting the children's presents, and have sort of forgotten about everyone else! Oops! If, like me, you still need a bit of gift inspiration I’ve put together a list of some of my favourite ideas. (Links are in the titles!):

BeerBods subscription
If you follow me on Instagram you’ll see I post the occasional beer photo. I was bought a BeerBods subscription last year and I’ve renewed it ever since. Stu was a bit jealous so bought himself a subscription, and I bought my Dad one as a birthday present too! Very much a tried and tested recommendation!

It can be quite difficult to buy presents for babies and toddlers that aren’t just giant plastic monstrosities because, to be honest, all kids want is toys that are giant plastic monstrosities.  I recently came across The Busy Box Company, and they create children's activity boxes suitable for a range of ages (Mini, Midi, Maxi) and would make lovely gifts. Whether the recipient is a budding artist, musician, or is just content exploring their world, there's a gift box for them. 

Amazon Echo Dot
My husband was lucky enough to be given one of these as a gift last Christmas. It resides in our kitchen, and we have since bought a second one for upstairs. Although skeptical at first, I bloody love it. I do feel like I spend a lot of my time shouting "ALEXA", and that I have a 3rd child or 2nd husband who doesn't listen to me either, but still, I do use it every day. I mostly use it for music (you can link it up to Spotify) and as a cooking timer, but it can be used for so many more things than that.

I am all for giving books as gifts. We are lucky to have a lovely independent bookshop locally, and I would urge you to locate yours to do your shopping. If not, there are obviously plenty of online options. Even if the recipient isn't a fan of fiction, you can find something they'd enjoy. Everyone has a hobby, a passion, or even just a vague interest in something - and with thousands of books published every year in the UK, you can bet your bottom dollar that you can find a title to suit everyone. These ones in particular, I think, would make fantastic gifts for children.
Still on the book theme, these prints are a whole book but on one piece of paper! We bought both the kids one for their rooms on their first Christmases. There is a lot of choice, and I think they look great framed and up in their rooms.

One of these wall planners would be ideal for the organised, stationery lover in your life. Or the disorganised person who forgets everything! Illustrator, Veronica Dearly stocks a wide range of stationery on her website, and I highly recommend you go and have a look. 

This would make a great gift for all females in your life, children and adults. And if you choose not to buy anything, you should at least follow Mutha.Hood on instagram. Her stories make my day. 

Cook vouchers
Now, this isn't a service I have used before, but I love the idea of sending people vouchers for lovely meals. Maybe for someone who is unwell or unable to leave the house, maybe for a new parent who hasn't yet mastered the "bounce the baby on one hip whilst cooking one-handed" technique, maybe an elder
ly friend or relative who struggles to cook from scratch, maybe a student who could do with expanding their diet beyond the "pasta" and "booze" food groups, or maybe a friend who is just a really bloody awful cook. I could have gone on far longer with that list. Who doesn't appreciate a nice warm meal?

I hope this has inspired your shopping a little bit. If not, well, you can't go wrong with socks!