Blogmas 2017 - Day 2: Christmas past, and Christmas yet to come

As a relatively new family unit of four, we are still in the fledgling stages of creating our own family Christmas traditions. Stu and I were keen to mash together traditions from our own childhoods, and create some new ones for our own children.

I know that some people are very rigid when it comes to Christmas. Everything must be done at a certain time, in a special way, with specific people, and if it doesn't happen that way Christmas is ruined! We are a lot more flexible in our approach!!! In previous years, before the children, we have spent Christmas at my parents, at my in-laws, and even had a year just the two of us.

Charlotte's first Christmas was spent at our own house and we squeezed 1 baby and 9 adults into our relatively small 3 bed terrace! Her second Christmas was spent at my parent's house in West Yorkshire, and last year we had Christmas as a foursome at home. Christmas 2016 was the first year that Charlotte really understood what was happening and she was just so excited. At 6 months old Benjamin was oblivious but we had a fantastic day. At the time we didn't realise it would be the last Christmas we would spend in that house, so we were very pleased that's what we decided to do.

Christmas Jumper action - December 2016
This year we are spending Christmas Day, just the four of us again, in our new home. For me, the excitement of Christmas is very much focused around all the magical elements and the kids. I'm am very conscious that they won't believe in the Big Guy for all that many years so I want to fully embrace those Christmases whilst we have them. We will, of course, see the rest of our family around the Christmas period and celebrate with them, but Christmas Day itself will just be us. I know that we will have family come to stay with us in future years, and spend some Christmases at other people's homes, but for this year I'm excited to be a little antisocial, and maybe even selfish, and have my monkeys to ourselves.