Blogmas 2017 - Day 18: Garden Centre visit

“I want another Christmas story. But not that one about baby Jesus. I already met him today anyway!”

For families with little ones, a free/very cheap “day out” at a garden centre is an excellent choice. Lots of stuff to look at, usually a cafe to visit, quite often a pet or fish section (you can feed the fish of you’re lucky!) and our local one even has a pretty clean, reasonably priced, soft play! Only one thing makes a garden centre better, and that’s Christmas. Added to all the above joy you have lights, decorations, and cheesy displays.

Every year I let Charlotte choose a decoration to go on the tree. In previous years it’s been a ballerina, an elf and a polar bear. This year we went on a decoration hunt at the garden centre and she went all tasteful with a gold sparkly bauble. We got Benjamin a tacky snowman with his name on to balance things out!

Just next to the Santa’s grotto, which appeared to be a small white indoor marquee (festive!) there was this excellent scarecrow nativity scene.

There were lots of questions about the appearance of a camel, but no wise men. Why Mary and Joseph were scarecrows but Jesus was a plastic doll? And why only the calf moved and the rest of the animals were stationary? Answers on a postcard please!