Blogmas 2017 - Day 12: O' Christmas Tree, O' Christmas Tree

I know that some people are extremely particular about their Christmas tree(s). The tree must be real. Decorations are themed, and the theme changes annually. The baubles have very specific placements; they must NOT be next to another bauble of the same style or colour (despite the aforementioned theme being "red and gold" limited options!), and must be exactly 4cm away from each other. Only white fairy lights are allowed - no flashing, rainbow coloured, singing monstrosities.  And the biggest rule of all? ABSOLUTELY NO TINSEL.

Christmas Tree at Woburn Forest Center Parcs
In the Waton house we also have a themed Christmas tree. And that theme is Christmas...every year! Personally, I don’t think you’ll find a superior Christmas tree theme than Christmas!

Obviously, this is all in jest. If you would like to have a themed tree, and have it set up in a specific way, that is exactly what I would expect you to do. However, I am not that particular about our tree at all. We own a fake tree, which we used for several years, but have bought a real tree for the last few Christmases. We appear to have a vague silver and red theme going on, but that’s because on the first Christmas Stu and I had a tree we visited Debenhams and bought the cheapest bucket of silver decorations we could find. Then bought the exact same bucket again but in red, as they were sitting next to each other! Over the years some of those decorations have broken, and we have added new ones to our collection.

The last couple of years I have let Charlotte chose a decoration for the tree, and will do the same this year, assuming all the snow melts at some point soon and we can get out to do so. And the little ones absolutely loved helping decorate the tree this year.

World's best tree decorators!
Pssst...we also hang the purple Cadbury tree chocolates on our tree. So the person who told me they were tacky the other day, and I just smiled and laughed in agreement...I lied! I love them! Phew, I feel better for getting that off my chest. Now, will anyone notice if I go eat one?