Blogmas 2017 - Day 11: Snow day

Did you know that in many parts of England it snowed on Sunday? I bet you didn’t. I bet you went the whole day without seeing a single snow photographs on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter. Well, never fear. I’m about to remedy that.

I had mixed feelings about the forecasted snow. We had bought tickets for Christmas at Blenheim which I was really looking forward to, and had paid £45 for the tickets so didn’t really want to miss out. However, with Sunday morning came several inches of snow, and no sign of it stopping any time soon. We decided pretty early on we weren’t going to risk the drive, but shortly after we were contacted by both Blenheim and the ticket providers to say the event had been cancelled. We’re hoping to transfer our tickets to another date, so fingers crossed for that! 

With that minor annoyance out of the way we were free to enjoy our snow day. It was Benjamin’s first snow experience, and Charlotte’s first snow day that consisted of more than just a light dusting. Benjamin was incredibly unimpressed with snow, as you can see. 

Charlotte, on the other hand, adored it. Although made more difficult by Benjamin’s refusal to stand in the snow and his insistence on being carried, in the morning we managed to throw snowballs and make a reasonably good stab at a snowman.

When Benjamin went down for his post-lunch nap we were able to head back outside. More snowballs, a mini house for one of Charlotte’s plastic figures and a "snow chair".


Productive day I'd say.