Trick or treat

Despite my earlier expression of dislike for Halloween the kids and I had a really lovely evening. Once I’d collected my daughter from preschool she was straight into her witch outfit and scoffing the false teeth one of her teachers had made for the pupils!

Once the kids were in spook mode I hollered at Alexa for a Halloween playlist, and stuck some beige party food into the oven.

Apple bobbing went pretty well, until my son tipped the bowl over creating a swimming pool in our kitchen and drenching himself. It took 8 tea towels and half a kitchen roll to mop up! My daughter was pretty chuffed with herself when she worked out the best apple bobbing trick though - go for the one with a stalk!

My son was a bit too young to “get” ghost bowling, but me and the 3 year old enjoyed it.

Then, the old Halloween classic - “Draw the wart on the witches nose”! (A bit like Pin the Tail on the Donkey. But a badly drawn witch, and crayons to scribble on warts with your eyes closed) Can you tell that I hadn’t organised anything and was making stuff up from what we had laying about the house?!

Trick or treating is obviously very popular around the new house (when do I stop calling it new?). Luckily, my two loved answering the door in their outfits and giving out sweets. Most of our ghoulish visitors were very polite, with one accompanying Dad even giving us homemade pumpkin biscuits in return for the sweets we gave. I brought the pumpkin we carved inside (which was super creepy by then - mouldy and covered in tiny slugs!) and took down the decorations around 7pm so I could get the littlies to bed, and despite having had a constant stream of trick or treaters between 5pm and then, we didn’t get another knock on the door. So polite, and sticklers for the rules!

All in all, a fun evening. But enough of the Halloween rubbish, last night we went to a local firework display! Hurrah! It was a PTA job, and pretty small, but good prep for the big one we're heading to on Sunday.