We're going to the zoo, zoo, zoo

Birthdays in our house are clustered together. The kids have summer birthdays, 9 days apart. Mine and Stuart's birthdays are in October, 3 weeks apart. Yesterday Stu turned 39 and, to be honest, I'd been a bit crap. I didn't know what to buy him, so just went through and selected some stuff from his Amazon Wishlist, and I hadn't really made any plans.  The kids and I make a pretty average cake on Friday but that was it.

On Saturday night, panicking slightly that I was so unprepared, I checked the weather forecast for what felt like the millionth time, and it actually looked to have perked up a bit.  I suggested we risk it, and maybe check out Cotswold Wildlife Park. I've been once before and really liked it, and I thought it was something we could enjoy as a family.

After a birthday breakfast, ballet class and a quick sandwich making session we headed off. We arrived at the park around 11.15am and it really wasn't that busy. We easily managed to make our way around all the animals - the penguins, lions, and the lemur walk through were favourites.

The kids loved, as always, the train. It was an extra £1 per person on top of ticket costs but a train ride usually goes down well with my two - especially if they use the time wisely to eat crisps as well as animal spot.

Charlotte spent ages in the playground, and would have spent a lot longer there if we hadn't dragged her away with a promise that we'd return at the end for another run about and an ice cream.

Having said that, we really didn't have to rush anything, apart from the brisk walk to the Giraffe House as it had started to rain. It was great that we didn't have to elbow our way to the front of each area for the kids to be able to see anything!

Charlotte hiding her sandwich from the giraffe, you know, just in case he likes cream cheese!

The park was spacious, beautifully maintained and lots of fun. We took 2 very exhausted children home for Dominos Pizza and cake. To say I didn't plan anything it ended up being a really nice day. Hopefully the birthday boy agrees!


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