Just add glitter

Sometimes it's the simplest activities my two appreciate the most. On Sunday we arrived home from a hectic 5 days in Disneyland Paris (I am in the process of putting a post or two together about this, I just need to sort through all my photos) so the last couple of days have consisted mostly of chores and post-holiday washing. Today, as a break from the life admin boredom, Charlotte and I decided to get a bit crafty whilst Benjamin napped.

Since our last woodland walk we've had a load of pine cones sat drying out on our kitchen window sill. What else to do with these than cover them in a tonne of glitter?!

We bought some cheap glue and neon glitter from Tiger to do this and completed our activity in just a few easy steps!

1) Pick a pine come

2) Squirt glue on pine cone

3) Throw glitter at pine cone

4) Voila! 

Not quite sure what we're going to do with these once they've dried out but it was fun to do and I'm sure we'll find a way to temporarily display them.