Another day, another garden centre

Unpacking after a house move with two kids under 3 takes forever. The kids are very good at taking things out of boxes, but not very good at putting them into their new homes. Children are also very good at emptying cupboards, wardrobes and shelves where you have just tidied. I know they are just trying to keep themselves entertained, but it's quite frustrating. Two steps forward, one step back and all that!

To alleviate the unpacking boredom I've been trying to get out and about with the littlies but the weather has been quite hit and miss. We've been to a couple of local toddler groups, and done a few Lego card swaps with neighbours in an attempt to make some local friends and we've started trying to explore the local area a little bit. So, of course this has included the standard "cheap day out with kids" to a garden centre. 

Bicester Avenue is a shopping centre which has home and garden shops. I have to admit to quickly popping into Laura Ashley and Lakeland, but the main aim of the visit was to pick up a hanging basket. The eldest had seen an episode of Topsy and Tim where they make a hanging basket and she has been desperate for one since. We managed to pick one up she was happy with (she obviously chose one that was double the price of the rest) as well as a little watering can. Unfortunately, the fish shop was undergoing refurbishments so I couldn't take them to see the tropical fish (the littlest’s favourite pastime and baby sign!). To quell this disappointment I promised a trip to the soft play on site. Idiot. All soft plays I have been to before have just been drop in sessions, so obviously here they have timed slots which you have to book in for. We turned up at an awkward time where we could have 50mins of the previous session, or hang about an hour for the next session. I swiftly put the blame onto the bloke at the customer information counter ("Oh mummy. That nasty man said NO! No  soft play today!") and we went on our way.

Luckily this meant we had a bit of time and we drove over to somewhere I've been wanting to visit, The Milk Shed. An ice cream, coffee and biscuit later, everyone was happy and we called it a successful day out.

Now to remember to water the hanging basket every day!