Let's go to the movies...│Review

NB On some of my older blog posts many of the photos have disappeared! Apologies for the lack of (terribly taken) images.

Today I took my daughter to the cinema for the first time. I've actually taken her baby brother to quite a few baby friendly screenings (which I'm going to write about next week) but it was never something I attempted the first time I was on maternity leave. I've considered braving a few films with the toddler recently, but when I saw that some cinemas were holding a "Peppa Pig: My First Cinema Experience" during the Easter holidays I thought that this would be a good chance to trial a cinema trip.

I opted to go to our local Showcase Deluxe as I knew the seats and rows are spacious, and it's not in the town centre so parking is easy...and free. The free parking was welcomed as, although we enjoyed ourselves it wasn't a cheap way to spend an hour or so. Tickets for one adult and one child (the baby didn't require a ticket as he was on my lap) booked over the phone cost me more than £16, and a small popcorn just over £4. 

I'd heard from friends that there were 20 minutes or so of adverts before the feature so we walked into the screen around 2.45pm for our 2.30pm showing. Timing wise this worked well as the kids didn't get bored and fidgety before it had even started, but it did mean walking into the screen in the dark. I could see from her face that my daughter was a bit tentative, despite having no problems with the dark usually, but she's a brave little thing and held my hand as we found our seats. 

The feature itself was good. It consisted of a load of new Peppa Pig episodes interspersed with some live-action segments. The small Peppa and George puppets in the live action bits were fine, but I found their friend Daisy a bit irritating. However, these songs, actions and audience participation sections really held the toddler’s attention and kept her interested. 

The episodes themselves were pretty good ones, as Peppa Pig goes. Some quite funny bits and I spotted that the voices of both David Mitchell and Jo Brand made an appearance. My daughter really enjoyed the whole experience and the littlest was pretty mesmerised too!

All in all, I'd say we had a successful afternoon. I felt it was expensive for what it was, but worth it for this cheesy grin!