Creating a small fairy garden

I’ve been promising the kids that I’d make a small container fairy garden with them for a long time, but we’ve just never got around to it. This February half term, we decided to rectify that...with thanks to some cheap fairy garden bits and bobs we spotted in Poundland!

fairy garden ornaments poundland

We spotted the fairy garden ornaments in Poundland and I set the kids a £5 budget i.e. they could choose 5 items. They didn’t choose the ornament I wanted so I snuck that into the basket as an extra!

We then headed to Wilkos for a plant pot or container. After browsing for a little while my daughter settled on a long thin container. She decided that way her and her brother would be able to play either side, at the same time. If they chose a round container she predicted they’d get in each other’s way and end up scrapping...good thinking, hey!

wilkos round trough
When it came to design, we kept things simple. In fact, saying there was any design skill involved is being pretty generous! We filled the container with multipurpose compost, and planted a few pansies which had self-seeded in an old hanging basket in our garden. We covered the compost with garden gravel and the children added the ornaments, and some pebbles they’d rescued on various walks and days out.


We didn’t buy any fairies as we couldn’t find any the size we wanted, so the children found their little collection of Ooshies and used those instead. If you have any recommendations for small fairy figures I’d love to hear them!

container fairy garden

container fairy garden


Do you have a fairy garden, or any other play gardens? I’ll love to hear about your creations down in the comment section.

creating a container fairy garden