Blogmas 2018 - Day 4: Cosy weekend at home

This weekend we unexpectedly ended up with no plans. Did we make the most of all this extra time, get up and ready early, and go on lots of adventures? No, we certainly did not! The weather was wet and miserable, and we decided to have a nice, relaxing, cosy weekend at home doing not very much at all. Once we returned home from ballet class on Friday evening, we didn’t leave the house again until the school run on Monday morning. It was excellent!

Saturday mainly involved watching repeats of CBeebies pantos with popcorn, playing games and doing jigsaw puzzles.

Square eyesJigsaw puzzle
At tea time we put together pizzas. I’m not going to go as far to say we made pizzas, but I bought the bases, the sauce and various toppings, and we threw them all together. Think the children enjoyed making the pizzas more than eating them, but they did have a couple of slices each and it just meant I had lots of leftovers to eat once they headed to bed.

Assembling pizzas

Assembling pizzas

On Sunday neither of the kids actually got dressed! The day was spent in their PJs, doing more of what we did on Saturday. My husband made a roast dinner, my daughter drew a Christmassy picture to be entered into a local kids competition, and I did approximately 7 million loads of washing. 

Christmas kids drawing

Yes, it was most definitely a lazy weekend, and yes, the kids were very much winding each other up at various points, but it was pretty nice to shelter from the wet weather and have a bit of down time together before the festivities really kick in.
Cosy weekend at home