Blogmas 2018 - Day 23: Kindness books

On the first day of advent our Christmas elves, Jack and Holly, delivered the children a little notebook each where they could write down their good deeds of the month. These books were to be sent to Father Christmas on Christmas Eve so he could double check they had definitely made the “good list”. 

Kindness elves
At the age of 2, my son is still a little young for this, but whilst his sister was drawing and writing in her book, I was able to have a few conversations about being kind, sharing, and looking after each other, with him.

Some of my daughter’s “kind deeds” were spontaneous, others were probably done just so they could be written in the book, and other “deeds” were vetoed by me as they were certainly not my idea of an act of kindness! But on the whole, I think it was a really good exercise in thinking about what they have done during their day (or week or month) and how what you have done effects others around you. It’s certainly something we’ll be looking to do a little more of during 2019.