Blogmas 2018 - Day 16: Games to play over Christmas

I don’t know about you, but one of the things I like about Christmas is that we’re spending time as a family and doing things together. In the morning on Christmas Day we open presents together, we have Christmas Dinner together as a family, and often in the evening and on Boxing Day we play games together. Sometimes things can get a little competitive (Stu, I’m looking at you!) but it’s always fun.

1) Charades 
Do people play charades any time of year other than Christmas? 

I’m not really sure what this game is called, but it’s the one where you stick a post-it on your forehead with the name of a famous person on it and you have to guess who you are by asking only “yes” or “no” questions.

The Name Game

Trivial Pursuit is one of my favourites, but peculiarly is a game that I seem to get better at once I’ve had a drink or two! Obviously I find it easier to retrieve facts from the depths of my brain that way!  

4) Monopoly 
Over the years I’ve definitely started more games of Monoploy than I’ve finished, it can just go on forever can’t it? But it’s still a great one.

As a child I used to play this with my grandma and grandad so it is a bit of a nostalgic one for me. 

6) Dobble 
I’ve mentioned Dobble a few times on here, but we really do like it and play it a lot.


This one would be too complicated for very young children, but I love it. This is the one game where I do get competitive.

This one is another nostalgic one for me. As a child we spent a fair few Boxing Day evenings at my grandparents house and my dad’s cousins would often play this with all the kids. And they definitely got bored of it before we did!


What am I missing? What are your favourite family games to play at Christmas?