Blogmas 2018 - Day 1: Here we go again!

It’s that time of year again - Blogmas! Last year I took part in Blogmas for the first time, where I published a blog post every day during advent. I have to say, I wasn’t 100% sure if I would take part again this year, but a few people mentioned it to me, and the poll I held on Facebook resulted in a “yes please for Blogmas”, so who am I to say “no”?

Like last year, I won’t necessarily be writing the posts on the day I upload them. Some posts I’ve written well in advance, and others I'll write just before I click the “publish” button. Hopefully there won’t be any that are too rushed though! I’m hoping to get each post up by 8pm every night...but we’ll see how we go!

Right, now the admin is over, Day 1 of Blogmas here we go!

Last year I bought a couple of big-ish fancy pants advent calendars (one from Smiggle and a Happyland one from ELC ) but this year we’ve stuck to the felt, reusable one we’ve had since before the kids were born, and the Malteser ones my parents bought for them. I bought a box of 50 Blox figures from Wilkos for £12, and have put 2 figures in each pocket of the reusable calendar.

Blox Wilkinson’s 50 figures

elves  Jack and Holly, are also back and sat on the windowsill for the advent period (they go back with Father Christmas on Christmas Eve). Like last year, the elves don’t get up to any naughty antics, but they do keep an eye on things and sometimes deliver some little extras. This might be a Christmas book, or Christmas pjs, or an activity to do that day. But really nothing flash.

Christmas Elves Jack and Holly

During the week my daughter started chatting about the few times we had donated some bits to the Food Bank, and this ended in a much bigger than intended conversation about how lucky we are and that if we are in a position to help others, that’s exactly what we should do. So, today the elves delivered some little notebooks I made (more about those on day 3!) and Jack and Holly asked the children to record their acts of kindness for the month of December, to be sent back to Father Christmas on Christmas Eve. I’ll let you know how we get on! 

advent calendars and elves

Here we go again