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This month’s #LittleLoves comes to you just a week into the school summer holidays. We have managed to go out and about most of the week and the one day we stayed at home I ended up getting cross with the gremlins for being a pain in the bum. Moral of the story - leave the house as much as you can! So far we’ve done mostly free days out like playing in the woods, and geocaching walks, as well as a pricier visit to Odds Farm for a 2nd birthday day out for my friends little boy. Anyway, enough of my prattling. On to July’s #LittleLoves. 

I’ve started reading The Enchanted Wood with my 4 year old and she absolutely loves it. When we went to play in the woods earlier in the week she was convinced that’s where I’d taken her - “Listen mummy, the trees are saying wisha-wisha-wisha, so it MUST be the Enchanted Wood.”. The series of Magic Faraway Tree books were a favourite of mine when I was little, and I’m actually really enjoying re-reading them myself.

I’m struggling to find something to really get into at the moment. Last month I mentioned that I was giving American Horror Story a try. To be honest, I struggled to get into Season 1, but I did finish it. I enjoyed Season 2 more,  although it did have a few bits I didn’t quite get (**SPOILER** I mean, what were the aliens about?!), and Season 3 is going ok so far. It’s one of those programmes where each season is a standalone mini series; each season is a completely different story, but some of the actors appear in multiple seasons as different characters. As the name suggests, it’s only really one to try if you’re a horror fan but as the seasons don’t follow on maybe have a look at the synopsis of each to see which might appeal to you most.

Stu and I are watching Bosch together on Amazon Prime. Really enjoyed Series 1, but finding Series 2 slow going. We’ve had a break from the cop drama to watch Friday Night Dinner instead - I am LOVING it. It’s a programme we’d dipped in and out of in the past, and quite enjoyed, so decided we’d start from the beginning and watch them all in order. I really like Tamsin Greig (Black Books is an all time fave of mine) and Mark Heap is excellent as slightly strange neighbour, Jim.      

I’ve been listening to quite a lot of music this month; The 1975, Fall Out Boy, Oasis, The Beatles, Paramore, Foo Fighters, and The Greatest Showman soundtrack is still playing on a loop in my car for the kids. 

Last month’s make was the dreaded birthday cake for my son. This month’s was the dreaded birthday cake for my daughter. She wanted a princess/Cinderella cake. I had to go for a standard chocolate cake with decorations I quickly drew myself. 

My daughter, on the other hand, is all about art at the moment. She was delighted to have one of her drawings chosen to be displayed at the school’s Awards Evening, and she was given lots of crafty things as birthday presents. So far this month we’ve designed and painted a kite, made a house with a swimming pool out of straws and a paper plate, painted a My Little Pony model, moulded and painted some fairy magnets, planted up a Fairy Garden, and drawn hundred of pictures. I don’t really know where she gets her artistic talents from as it’s not me, and it’s certainly not her dad! 

As always, nothing of real interest here. I don’t often go clothes shopping, and the weather is so clammy that, to be honest, when at home I’m still wearing as little as possible!

and lastly
I’m feeling a little panicky about the kids growing up. It’s ridiculous as they are only 4 and 2 years old but my is daughter starting school in September, and my son is most definitely no longer my baby, and that’s really quite scary. I can absolutely see why some people go on to have big families - the baby years definitely fly by too quickly.    

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  1. You cannot go wrong opting for a chocolate birthday cake, they are always a winner!
    I've not tried Bosch, but I've seen the trailer on Prime. Perhaps it's something to try after Love Island finally finishes! x

  2. Love your cake! How lovely has the weather been? Its been glorious. A day out at the woods sounds lovely, must of been really cool under all those trees! Popping over from #littleloves Have a lovely month.


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