Summer Holiday Bucket List 2018


My daughter has just come home from her last ever day of nursery, ready for a fun-filled summer holidays, before she starts reception class in September. That’s quite a lot of pressure isn’t it? 6 weeks to fill, with none of her usual classes running, and every other child-friendly venue packed to the rafters. I’m extremely fortunate not to be working at the moment, so I’ve not had to do the last minute, school holiday, child care scrabble. But that does also mean I don’t have huge amounts of cash to be spending on big days out every single day. 

We were able to visit both Thomas Land and Gulliver’s Land a few weeks ago as the kids birthday treats, which was excellent as it was quiet and cheap during term time, so they definitely aren’t missing out! Instead, I have collated a list of (some free, some not) things we’d like to try and do over the summer holidays. Maybe it’ll give you a few ideas if you’re at a loose end and struggling to think of something to do.  

1) Have a picnic

2) Day out in London

3) Visit a new National Trust property 

4) Go out for ice cream

5) Walk along the canal

6) Have a campfire with marshmallows

7) Play in the sprinkler

8) Go geocaching and hide the trackable we found

9) Fly a kite

10) Visit Oxford Botanic Garden

11) Visit the woods

12) Go blackberry picking 

13) Visit a farm

14) Go swimming 

15) Play date with nursery/new school friends 

16) Visit to Grandma and Grandad in Yorkshire

17) Go to the seaside

18) Paint and hide rocks 

19) Raise butterflies

20) Make a family time capsule

21) Have fish and chips

22) Play with chalks in the garden

23) Visit The Oxfordshire Museum

24) Go camping 

I’ll update this list if I think of anything else to add (you’ll find the “last edited” date below) and I’ll have another post where I’ll tick everything off as we do it!

Last edited: 17th July 2018

summer holiday bucket list