30 Days Wild│Part 4

After 19 days #30DaysWild feels like it came to a grinding halt - illness, birthdays, parties...life! We did plenty of outdoors stuff for the last days of the month, but I didn’t jot anything down as we went along so I can’t remember what we did when. I guess it doesn’t matter though, and the record keeping really wasn’t what this project was about for me and the children. For us, it was about making more of our time outdoors (we already spent a lot of time outside anyway) and learning a few things along the way. With that in mind, I’ve just collated a selection of the things we’ve been up to and popped them al together in this post. 

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1) My daughter told me she’d done a mini-beast hunt in the nursery garden and wanted to give it a try at home. She got out her explorer kit (magnifying glass, binoculars, torch, bug viewer) and showed her little brother how it was done.

2) One weekend we had a day out at Cutteslowe Park  It’s a lovely park with a couple of good play areas, a splash pad, a duck pond, minature railway (check opening as it doesn’t run every day), sand pit, and a greenhouse the area with lots of butterflies, terrapins and insects. Whilst walking around the park we spotted this huge bug hotel and we spent a bit of time having a good nosey in there.

3) “Painting” in the garden. One of my son’s favourite activities is “painting” the garden fence and garage wall. I give him a bucket of water, and some paint brushes and off he goes.

4) Much to my husbands delight, my daughter and I have started making an eco-brick If you don’t know what an eco-brick is, a quick Google search will give you loads of information, but it’s basically a plastic bottle, crammed full of non-biodegradable rubbish, high can then be used to build something. This has resulted in a lot of rubbish and wrappers hanging around on our draining board waiting to dry, but it’s oddly satisfying.

5) After a lot of love and attention this month, the garden is doing really well. Our pumpkin plants are huge (fingers crossed for some fruit), the sunflowers are doing well despite the slugs best efforts, I managed to bring my rather sad looking hydrangea back to life, my fuchsias are very colourful, the clematis has flowered, and my daughter’s wildflower garden is crammed full of things ready to bloom.

Over the weekend my dad also spotted that the begonia bulbs I planted in the front garden have started to make an appearance too. My hanging basket isn’t looking too bad either.  


How did your #30DaysWild go? Did you do better than me and managed to blog for the whole 30 days? If so, drop your links in the comments below, I’d love to give them a read.

Your new found “wildness”doesn’t have to stop now June is over. The Wildlife Trusts are encouraging people to #StayWild throughout the year. We have ordered some caterpillars to arrive in the middle of this month so we are most definitely going to continue enjoying the great outdoors.