Blog reading, troublesome trucks, and Thomas Land #LittleLoves

It’s already that time of the month again! I’m usually really good and pop my thoughts for #LittleLoves into a draft post as the month ticks by, so when it comes to the last Friday of the month I just need to tidy up any typos and click publish. This month, not so much. I have to admit that blog writing seems to have fallen a little by the wayside recently. The kids both seem to need a lot of attention at the moment, and that doesn’t leave much time or brain-space for much else. So, bearing all that in mind, this is probably going to be a briefer #LittleLoves than usual. I’ll try get back on track next month!    

I’ve picked up and carried around a few books this month, just not read them! I’ve really struggled to get into anything. I think I need a good, cheesy, easy read to get back into the habit of reading again.

I have read quite a few blogs though. I’ve recently signed up to BlogLovin (I know, I know, I’m very behind the times) and finding it a really great way to keep up to date with my favourite bloggers.  

First things first, no, I am not watching bloody Love Island. My Netflix viewing has mostly consisted of series 1 of The Alienist, and I’ve just started watching American Horror Story. I have to say, I’m not convinced by either. Despite the excellent cast, and interesting sounding premise, I found the storyline of The Alienist didn’t flow very well, and I didn’t care too much for any of the main characters. 

I’m only a couple of episodes into American Horror Story. As it has run for 7 seasons, I had assumed it must be excellent. So far, not so much. I’ll give it a little more time before giving up on it, but at the moment I don’t fancy dedicating 84 episodes worth of time to it!         

After watching James Corden’s latest Carpool Karaoke with Sir Paul McCartney (I’ve linked to the video below) I’ve been listening to a lot of The Beatles. I’d almost forgotten how many great Beatles songs there are, and it’s been nice to introduce the children to them as I remember listening to them from a very young age myself.

One of my least favourite “makes” of the year is the children’s birthday cakes. I’m not a bad baker, in that the cakes taste fine, but I have no patience with decorating them. My son turned 2 on Monday, and is a huge Thomas the Tank Engine fan. I wasn’t even going to attempt that, so opted for “troublesome trucks” cupcakes instead.

It’s my daughter’s birthday next week, so I now have a few days to work out how I’m going to blag some kind of Disney Princess/Cinderella cake. Well, once I’ve got their joint birthday party this weekend out of the way!

Really nothing of interest to report here. It’s been so hot that I’ve mostly been in shorts and t-shirts, or dresses.

and lastly
As I mentioned above, my son turned 2 earlier this week. We spent such a lovely, sunny day, at Thomas Land  If you’ve not been I’d highly recommend it as a day out with young children. Once the next week of birthday celebrations is over, I’ll get our day out written up and reviewed on the blog but for now, here’s a very happy boy on one of the rides.

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  1. The Beatles are amazing I love listening to their music. Looks like your son enjoyed his 2nd birthday. I've been meaning to take my son to Thomas land at some point. #LittleLoves

    1. I thought it was a really lovely day out...the amazing weather helped too!

  2. Thomasland sounds like great fun, my little one has never been into it. Not interested at all. Sounds like you've had a busy month - hope you get to enjoy more sunshine! xx

    1. He hasn’t seen much of it on tv, but loves the books and is just generally obsessed with vehicles. He has a bit of a thing for bin lorries and helicopters at the minute.x

  3. Oh your cake is adorable! We used to have a Thomas mad little boy but it’s warn off and all he is interested in now is the Xbox! Love James Cordon, I love the karpool karaoke series on YouTube. Hope you have a wonderful July xx

    1. I’m trying to embrace Thomas as much as possible as I know it won’t last too long in the greater scheme of things.x

  4. Love your cake! Looks adorable. I love James Cordon. He is so funny and I love the Karpool Karaoke series on YouTube! Hope you have a lovely July xx

  5. I watched a couple of episodes of The Alienist and felt the same way as you. Disappointing really and it should really have been good.
    Paul McCartney on Carpool Karaoke was so good! So many sing along songs x

    1. It should have been really excellent. I think the actors were let down by the writers which is a shame.x


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