TED, Arctic Monkeys, and a Street Party #LittleLoves

*Quick admin notice*: I hadn’t realised when writing my previous post but #LittleLoves has now officially become a monthly linky (it was weekly, but I only joined in once a month) and the date to post is the last Friday of the month. Therefore, I’ve now shifted my posting of #LittleLoves to the last Friday of the month, rather than the first Friday of the month - just in case there was any confusion why I was posting now.

Ok, now that's the boring bit done with, shall we just dive straight into May's #LittleLoves? 

I love Dave Gorman. I’ve read a lot of his books, I’ve seen him perform stand up, and I really like his programme “Modern Life is Goodish”, but try as I might I just couldn’t get into his book “Too Much Information”. Dare I say, it was just a bit boring. So, I admitted defeat and have put that one into the charity shop box. Instead I picked up “Where Am I Now? - True stories of Girlhood and Accidental Fame” by Mara Wilson. I'm only half way through but I'm really enjoying it. It is so intelligently written and Mara is hilariously self-aware.

The Royal Wedding, I wouldn't say I'm a huge Royalist but I do like the fact that we have a Royal Family. I know that a lot of people complain that they don't do anything, that they cost the country a lot of money, and all because they were born into the "right" family. Let's put it this way, I wouldn't want to be working in a job I didn't choose until I was 92 and beyond. Anyway, the wedding. I loved it. Meghan looked incredible, and the wedding service itself was amazing. They stuck to Royal protocol to a point, but then very much made it their own. How amazing were The Kingdom Choir and Sheku Kanneh-Mason?  My neighbour organised an amazing street party to celebrate both the wedding and the football, where I got to meet a lot of new people from the village. Good stuff.

I have become a bit obsessed with watching TED and TED X talks. There are some incredibly intelligent and inspiring people in this world and I can’t seem to get enough of listening, and hopefully learning, from them. These are some of my favourites I’ve watched this month.

My son was a Columbine shooter. This is my story. - Sue Klebold (This talk is around the themes of mental health, homicide and suicide.)

This week I've also been watching some of the Chelsea Flower Show coverage - does this make me a pensioner? Some of the gardens are just so incredible though. I've recently been making a bit of an effort in the garden (more of that to come) but I am just such an ignorant horticulturalist. I'm hoping to up my game this summer!

My garden - definitely not up to Chelsea standards...yet!
I was delighted to hear that Arctic Monkeys had a new album out - “Tranquility Base Hotel & Casino”. This is pretty much all I’ve listened to since it was released on 11th May. I have always loved Arctic Monkeys, and listening to the new stuff just reminded me of dancing to them at Glastonbury back in 2013. Excellent.

Hmmm, I struggled with this category this month. The kids are obsessed with cardboard boxes, and despite the glorious weather last weekend, the biggest still insisted on playing with one in the garden. This basically consisted of me making some cardboard into a robot costume. Standard Sunday in the sun really!

Excellent robot face!

The sunny weather has made me realise that I have a pretty none existent summer wardrobe. I attempted to rectify this and took a bit of a risk. I bought a jumpsuit. I love them on other people, but have never tried one myself. I loved the print on this particular jumpsuit so thought I'd go for it. I looked awful. I sent it back and purchased this great little green, boxy shirt from New Look instead. It's my new favourite. (There's hardly any left online, but they had loads in store. Same for quite a few of their items I fancied actually. Come on New Look - sort out your online stock levels!)

and lastly
I was a bit bold this month and went along to an Instagram meet up hosted by The Oxford Mama  It was held at University of Oxford Botanic Garden  which is somewhere I’ve been meaning to visit for awhile. Whist the weather wasn’t the best, the setting was lovely and I met some nice, new people! Excellent. I upgraded my ticket to an annual pass so I'll definitely go back and check it out properly. On this occasion I mostly chatted and ate crisps.

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  1. Ahh love the top and that faulty cardboard made me laugh so hard. Hope you have a wonderful half term ahead with nice weather. #littleloves

    1. Haha, glad it amused someone other than me. My daughter really didn’t get it ... “but it’s just pretend mummy, how can it be broken?” Thanks, hope you have a good half term too. x

  2. That top is gorgeous! I nearly bought it when I was in town the other day but ran out of time. Totally popping back in to get it.
    Great choice with the music, great minds and all that! xx

    1. I think they had a few bits in the same print. It’s a nice soft fabric too. X

  3. Way to go for being bold, I do love a meet up but always feel sick for days before.

    That green top is gorgeous and I can see why a favourite.

    I want to go to the Chelsea Flower show and I have zero gardening skills, yours looks lovely xxx

    1. I was a bit nervous, but there weren’t too many people there. And I always find going somewhere with children helps break the ice a bit!
      I’m trying my best with the garden and hoping my efforts pay off soon.x

  4. Well done for being brave and stepping out of your comfort zone - I'm planning to host a little blogger meet up at my house next month and feeling a bit nervous about it! The green top is gorgeous on you. I also love playsuits on other people but am not sure I could carry it off lol! xx

    1. I hope your meet up goes well. :)
      I’ve very much given up on play/jumpsuits. Think I’ll stick with what I know.x

  5. Love that top - gorgeous print. I think I'd enjoy that book by Mara Wilson, I knew it existed but it had gone off my radar. Will check it out x

    1. I’ve enjoyed it. It’s not too long either.x

  6. Lovely top! I should check New Look more often.. thanks for the TED talks recommendations, I’m intrigued by the ones you mentioned! x


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