Blogmas 2017 - Day 8: Writing to Father Christmas

I used to love writing to Father Christmas. No, not circling things in a catalogue, or ripping images out and sticking them onto a bit of paper, but writing an actual letter. My mum recently found an old Christmas list of mine and it consisted of "jigsaws, books, chocolate, wellies". (Stu's not convinced that it wasn't just Katie Morag's Christmas list!) That wasn't an extract from the list. That's its entirety! I wasn't all that high maintenance was I?!

Although she can't yet write herself, Charlotte does now fully understand the concept of Father Christmas so I though that this year I would help her write her first proper letter to him. I asked her to dictate, and she decorated the card with some colouring pencils and felt sticky things I picked up from Poundland.

Charlotte’s asked for some Minnie Mouse roller skates (we knew about those) and a dolls house (which we didn’t know it’s a good job we'd already picked one up from Asda when it was on offer).Without prompting she also insisted that I ask Father Christmas if he could bring Benjamin a toy train, and if we could tell him what a good boy Benjamin had been. How’s that for sisterly love? If only it was always like that, hey?