Blogmas 2017 - Day 17: Pom poms galore

During a particularly miserable day I was scraping around for something to do with Charlotte, and decided maybe we should try making some pom poms - as you do! I had a quick Google to remind myself how to make them - it must be around 20years since I last did - dug out some extremely old cheap wool (I say wool, I'm not convinced it's been anywhere near a sheep!), grabbed a box out of the recycling, and off we went.

After spending a fair amount of time drawing and cutting out cardboard disc, trialing everything to check I was sorted and knew what I was doing, it very quickly became apparent that I had been a bit too ambitious. Pom pom making was just too fiddly for Charlotte to do without any help, but quite tricky to do as a two-some. She lost interest and wandered off, apparently now quite happy to entertain herself, and left me surrounded by wool and cardboard.  I, however, was now down the rabbit hole and decided to make the best I could out of the mess!

Although she wasn't happy (or able, I guess) to get stuck in with the making process, Charlotte is quite pleased to have this hanging in her room!