Blogmas 2017 - Day 1: Advent and elves

First things first, what is Blogmas? Blogmas is kind of an advent calendar of blogs. Those who chose to take part post a festive blog every day in the run up to Christmas.  Vlogmas? The same idea but posting vlogs instead. I will say now that I won’t necessarily be writing the posts on the day I upload them. Some posts I’ve written well in advance (for example, I’m writing this on 6th November!) and others I'll write just before I click the “publish” button. 

We’ve gone a bit rogue for advent this year. Usually our elf friends (more on that in a moment) deliver our big felt advent Christmas tree with a couple of chocolate coins in each pocket.

However, I spotted that Smiggle were doing an advent calendar and it was on offer.  Charlotte loves Smiggle and whenever we walk past one of their stores she points out her “favourite shop”, so I thought this calendar was ideal for her. In the interest of fairness I then bought Benjamin a Happyland advent calendar. 

Back to the elves. We don’t do elf on the shelf.
1) The official elves look creepy 
2) I can’t be bothered to move them every day 
3) I’m not sure I like the idea of elves making sure the kids behave, yet are naughty themselves (Although I understand not everyone has naughty elves? See, all very complicated!)

Our elves, Jack and Holly, were bought from The Handmade Doll Company a few years ago. They deliver the advent calendar and sometimes bring treats during the advent period. They don’t report back on bad behaviour or do anything naughty themselves. They sit in the same spot they arrived in, and they go back with Father Christmas on Christmas Eve. Last year they brought Christmas craft activities, Christmas jumpers, Christmas PJs and some Christmas stories. So things I would have bought or done with the kids anyway, made a little more exciting as they were from the elves and not me! 

2016 Christmas Jumper offerings 
Now it’s actually December I’m going to fully bring on the Christmas action. Tinsel, present wrapping, and mulled wine, ahoy!