Do you wanna build a snowman?

As Charlotte is at preschool 15 hours a week I get to spend 2.5 days a week alone with Benjamin, but since he was born I’ve had very little time with just myself and Charlotte. It's been something I've been conscious of for a while and when earlier this week I spotted that our nearest Vue cinema was showing “Olaf’s Frozen Adventure” followed by “Frozen” I decided it would be a good opportunity to have a bit of girls time.

For just £5 I secured a couple of tickets for the Sunday, 9.30am “Mini Morning” showing (2 of the last 5 tickets!). I’ve take Charlotte to the cinema before, but just to a Peppa Pig first cinema experience. That was very interactive and the kids were encouraged to get off their seats and join in! I decided the Mini Morning session was a good option to trial, and even if we just stayed for the first short film it would be a successful morning. We bettered that. We lasted through the whole of "Olaf's Frozen Adventure" and up to "Let it go" in Frozen! To be fair, Charlotte was impeccably behaved throughout, and if I'd said we were staying I think she'd have lasted to the end, but I could tell she was bored of the film and decided not to push our luck! Thumbs up for sharing sweets and cinema cuddles with my girl.