Post Bank Holiday blues

Despite there only being a 4 day week to claw yourself through following a Bank Holiday the return to normality is pretty dreary. "But she doesn't even have a job" I hear you heckle from the back. Doesn't mean that I don't still feel the drudgery of a weekday morning sometimes! I just love the time we manage to spend together as a family unit of 4, it actually doesn't happen often enough, and it makes me sad when Stu has to head back to work. Probably not as sad as him as he has to actually be in work, but sad all the same!

Over the weekend we spent a lovely couple of days up in Yorkshire with my parents and at my cousin's wedding reception. We travelled home on Sunday afternoon so we could spend the "extra" Monday together. We walked along the canal, checked out a new local pub, had a BBQ and played in the garden. Stu declared it his "best bank holiday Monday ever". High praise indeed!

For the rest of this week the kids and I have done very little. In fact, we didn't leave the house at all on Tuesday. We only left for half an hour yesterday to walk to the park, and today we just popped to the supermarket for a few bits. Tomorrow we'll be properly leaving the house as we're meeting a few friends at Wellington Country Park, but that's the extent of our plans this week.  To be honest, I've been happy with a cosy week at home baking, snuggling on the sofa and playing games, because next week it'll be all change. Charlotte will be starting preschool. She had been in nursery from 13 months until we moved house in May, so she's only been out of childcare for 3 months, but it still feels like a big change. We're moving into "term time/school holiday" territory and there we shall sit for around the next 17 years. It really feels like she's not my little baby anymore, despite only being 3 years old. It will be really lovely to get some quality time with Benjamin whilst she's at preschool, and maybe even and hour or two to myself whilst he naps, but it'll be strange not having my little pal around for a couple of days a week. I'll just have to find room for some one-to-one, girly time on a weekend to make up for it.